We are French. However we are for the time being expatriated in the Netherlands. We can only enjoy our flat a few weeks per year, which is why we rent it. Since we are not there to hand you the keys, we use the services of a real estate office, Groux Immobilier.

We pay a lot of attention to the comfort of the flat. Should you notice an equipment that would not function optimally, do not hesitate to mention it to Mrs Livadaris, who will take the necessary steps to put it right.

You may also send an e-mail to us : pgi@ziggo.nl

We always leave a minimum of essentials, like toilet paper, dish-washer powder etc… It would be great if you could check that this minimum is still present for the next tenants.

Tidiness is an essential feature of this flat. Thorough cleaning is carried out regularly, and several times during the summer season. When leaving you will be asked to clean the flat. You may opt for a cleaning lady (55 Euros in 2009), to order when making a reservation). The cleaning lady is not mandatory, however we recommend her. She represents a security for us and the tenants.

In spite of the distance we regularly come to the flat for checking the equipments, and if necessary making small corrections.

In the flat you will also find an information file, where we also recommend some local shops (baker, butcher etc…).

We wish you a very nice stay and we hope you will enjoy the Vence region as much as we do.